Nov 23, 2008

Ada's Balls, Hand Painted

By Jeff Malet/Staff Photographer

Ada Jarvis paints balls. Not just any type of ball. She paints Christmas ornaments, which she jokingly calls Ada's Balls. Her trademark is taking photos of local landmarks and churches in Redlands and Loma Linda and artistically applying her strokes to the different sized objects.

“It's really a hobby that's gotten out of control,” said Jarvis as she paints from a tiny crowded room that looked like it was once used for laundry. “I don't need the money. I just enjoy doing it.”

Jarvis started painting ornaments in 1999 when her hometown of Revel Stoke, British Columbia, Canada, celebrated their centennial celebration. “I decided to do unique balls of local places for souvenir items,” said Jarvis.“No one else had done this.”

A resident of Loma Linda for about 35 years, Jarvis has been making them for nine years. She sells them at local stores in Redlands. She also makes special orders of the Mission Inn for the Mission Inn Museum Store in Riverside. She makes anywhere from 200-250 a year, all painted by hand.

Her work of Redlands landmarks is only sold at Redlands gift store Celebrate Redlands. Another store, Treasures in Redlands, sells them but of themes such as “Babies First Christmas.”

Her most popular are of First Congregational Church, A.K.Smiley Library, University of Redlands and Mission Asistencia.

Sharla Wright, Mission Inn Museum Store director of museum products says she has been selling Ada's work for 4 years. “Her work she does is outstanding. I'm always intrigued by what she does every year,” said Wright. “Right now we have them on a tree in our window on display.”

Over the past nine years of making her creations she has only kept a few broken ones for herself to put on her tree .”It's a one of a kind gift.” Said Jarvis, ”I really enjoy seeing peoples faces light up.”

Celebrate Redlands – 19 E. Citrus Ave. #102, 909-335-0356
Large: $26
Small: $17

Treasures – 411 E. State Street, Redlands, 909-792-2700
Large: $22.50
Small: $14.00

Mission Inn Museum Store – 3696 Main Street, Riverside, 951-788-9556
Large: $40:00
Medium: $30:00
Teardrop: $40:00
Extra Small: $3:50-$4:00

Nov 14, 2008

Nation's Fourth Successful Hand Transplant

I followed up on an Upland man who received a hand transplant over the summer and is doing some rehab in Rancho Cucamonga.
Very determined 32-year-old who lost his hand six years ago during a gun accident while hunting. Here is a video I did from his rehab Friday November 14, 2008. There are graphic elements to this video.

Nov 7, 2008

Eviction Video and Gallery

On October 29, 2008 I ventured to Victorville and Hesperia for an assignment to go on a ride-along with a deputy who specialized in evicting home owners and eviction notices.
I knew I was going to be both photographer and videographer on this one, so I took my video camera, wireless mics and a video monopod. I also took my two camera bodies with my three lenses and a flash (with SC-17 cord). I ended up shooting 98% with both wide angle lenses as it was easier to tow along the video camera and shoot stills. Here is a link to my video.
Here is a link to my gallery as well. The package will run Monday, so the video will be ready Monday on this blog as well.

Nov 3, 2008

I Voted on Monday, not Tuesday!!!

Here is a photo of me after voting today!

Monday November 3, 2008 I voted. I work for the newspaper and live near the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters. On my way into work I stopped by, got in line and voted 30 minutes later. Than I called into work and offered my services to photographer and do video of the scene.
Glad I got to vote early. They should offer 2 days of voting nationally everywhere. Not just at the registrars. Less stress.
For the record, I voted for Obama. I also voted NO on Prop 8. I don't believe in any type of discrimination. Other props were less significant, but I voted yes on 2 for the record.

Nov 2, 2008

Getting Older

I know I'm getting when...
I fall asleep on the couch for a quick nap and wake up 20 minutes later only to realize I just took a nap (my wife and child were witness to it, watching TV). I only see this as a sign. After all I'm getting closer to 40. By the way, I have been one who would rather feel sleepy all day then take a nap, only to fall asleep comfortably at night.