Dec 27, 2010

Highland hit hard by weather, floods

This past Wednesday I was on my way out to the doctors office but could not get passed my main street of Baseline Road on Dec. 22, 2010. The road was flowing with water, mud and debris - looking like a fast moving dirty river you see in movies. By chance I grabbed my camera before leaving and got all muddied-up taking pictures. The community pool and path were severely covered in mud. The pool, tot pool and playground were completely buried. See some images in a gallery from day one here. In this blog post, I have some follow-up photos from Friday Dec. 24, 2010 of a neighborhood south of where of live, which is considered an original part of east Highland. Residents, neighbors and close friends helped clear out some of the Old Greenspot Road area. Residents also looked for lost pets, one finding a cat, and tried to recover items from shelves and walls. Unfortunately, much was lost, including Christmas gifts. Many homes were caked in a sea of mud up to 3 to 4 feet high. Prison hand crews from San Diego also were on hand clearing cars and roads and preparing for the next session of rain, which weather specialists say is coming Wednesday. The crews were still working on these roads Monday, Dec. 22. Here are some photos and a gallery gallery link to more photos.