Jul 14, 2009

Photo of Crash in Highland

A photo I took today on my way to work. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

Jul 12, 2009

Clifford catches some light

This morning, Sunday, was may day to sleep in. I have not been taking my camera out much over the weekends except to take photos of my favorite model, Clifford. This morning, after pouring a cup of coffee, I noticed Clifford hanging out in a patch of light coming through one our windows. He's done this before, and every time I go get my camera and start to work some shots out, he moves. This morning, he just hung out and occasionally looked over at me. I had about 10 minutes to work angles. I tried standing on my couch, laid on the ground, moved my camera high and low. Then I moved to the other side of a coffee table. I was thinking this table is in the perfect spot - in my way!
So, I tried a low-to-the-ground photo and I tried to squeeze between just under the table and a bar of wood that went across to stabilize the table. It seemed like everything was in my way for that shot. So I squeezed some more, angled my camera under the table and guessed at taking the photo. I was happy with my first try. So here you see the two angles, plus a photo of Clifford licking his paw. I did not include the high angled photo from the couch because It just did not like it as much. If you want to see it, let me know and I'll add it.

Jul 5, 2009

Photo of my cat, my monorail cat

I love my cat Clifford. He's always looking so serious. He also likes to hang out on our rail on our stairs, which is why I call him a monorail cat. I like to take photos of him and today I captured him in deep contemplation.