Dec 30, 2009

Canada geese migrate south, stop in San Bernardino

I came across Canada geese making a stop in San Bernardino Wednesday, Dec. 30, on Hospitality Lane near Costco. Click here to see a gallery of images.

Dec 27, 2009

Remembering Leo Greene at the Claremont Museum of Art

In August 2006, Leo Greene was diagnosed with ALS. It is commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease and often kills the person diagnosed with the disease within five years. In late 2007, Leo and I went to he Packing House and specifically the Claremont Museum of Art as part of a video for one his many monthly columns about his journey with ALS.
Click here for link to the video.
Today, I fondly remember Leo and particularly our day at the museum. I remember the friendly folks who were at the museum that day, both accommodating us and watching us. And of course I remember the many 'takes' we did in the narrow hallway that was part of the museum. I bring all this up because the Claremont Museum of Art closed its doors today. Leo was a big fan of the museum.
See the story here in the Daily Bulletin.

Nov 4, 2009

Fire threatens homes along 60 Freeway

My lunch took a detour because I could not shake the news bug yesterday. I was heading out to lunch, leaving work in Pomona, and saw several huge plumes of smoke towards Chino Hills and Diamond Bar. So instead of eating, I explored. I ended up taking pictures for about 15 minutes near a Walmart. A small shopping center offered a high vantage point with a balcony, so I hung out there. Here are a few photos. Good job firefighters.

Sep 25, 2009

Optometry students 'see' infants for the first time

Here is a story and photos I did this week about infant eye exams.

Sep 17, 2009

Vet Med: Week in Photos

Here is a slideshow of my images link to the video

Sep 15, 2009

Sept. 11 Memorial at WesternU

Aug 3, 2009

Photographers pin is lasting memory

Long time Little League photographer Russ Tinlsey last year gave me a pin from the 2001 Little League World Series during last year’s 2008 regional opening ceremony at San Bernardino.

It was my first and last time I would cover the event because I no longer work for the newspaper.

Before the ceremony started, while the teams from the Western Regional and the Northern Regional gathered, preparing for the flag waving entry, Mr. Tinsley, caring a camera, came near me. It was like a time when two people notice each other at the same time. We looked at each other. We smiled and I said hello.

With no further conversation he reached into his pocket and gave me a World Series pin.

He told me he wanted me to have this. I looked at it and admired the pin, still wrapped in plastic, and then looked at him and thanked him, all the time wondering how cool is this. I also wondered why me.

As he left to do other things and meet people, I looked around and noticed my colleague at the time, Al Cuizon, nearby. He looked at me with that nod of how cool and lucky are you. He said something to the fact that he would have liked to get one too.

This was a day I also brought an intern Kai Le with me. We were covering the opening ceremonies with cameras. Al was there for video and Will was there setting up his computer in one of the "rooms" so he could be ready to send photos of the first game on deadline.

The 2009 Regionals begin August 7 with championship games on August 15 and 16. For more information visit

Jul 14, 2009

Photo of Crash in Highland

A photo I took today on my way to work. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

Jul 12, 2009

Clifford catches some light

This morning, Sunday, was may day to sleep in. I have not been taking my camera out much over the weekends except to take photos of my favorite model, Clifford. This morning, after pouring a cup of coffee, I noticed Clifford hanging out in a patch of light coming through one our windows. He's done this before, and every time I go get my camera and start to work some shots out, he moves. This morning, he just hung out and occasionally looked over at me. I had about 10 minutes to work angles. I tried standing on my couch, laid on the ground, moved my camera high and low. Then I moved to the other side of a coffee table. I was thinking this table is in the perfect spot - in my way!
So, I tried a low-to-the-ground photo and I tried to squeeze between just under the table and a bar of wood that went across to stabilize the table. It seemed like everything was in my way for that shot. So I squeezed some more, angled my camera under the table and guessed at taking the photo. I was happy with my first try. So here you see the two angles, plus a photo of Clifford licking his paw. I did not include the high angled photo from the couch because It just did not like it as much. If you want to see it, let me know and I'll add it.

Jul 5, 2009

Photo of my cat, my monorail cat

I love my cat Clifford. He's always looking so serious. He also likes to hang out on our rail on our stairs, which is why I call him a monorail cat. I like to take photos of him and today I captured him in deep contemplation.

Jun 19, 2009

Boy, 12, admits to starting Highland fire.

Here is a story from The Sun, confirming rumors that a young boy had started a fire in East Highlands Ranch area on June 07.
Click here for story.
See my previous story to see fire photos from the day.

Jun 7, 2009

Fire Burns Mountain near East Highlands Ranch

Today was quite the scare. I kept hearing sirens and after a few more came along, my wife hollered down from the stairs as to what what going on out there. I ended up looking out the sliding glass door and easily spotted smoke billowing from beyond our backyard and in the mountains just above. We calmly got some stuff together into bags, told my wife and daughter I love them. I checked with neighbors, took a few photos and then re-checked with my family. I got my limited gear in order, because I needed to tackle my news bug and see the fire for myself, and off I went, around and up a few streets. Suddenly I was seeing the fire, smoke and neighbors. Soon I saw more fire trucks approach and fire fighting helicopters. I even went on a friends roof, being invited to check it out from their view, which was a couple blocks closer to the fire than our house.

Here are some photos and Here is a link to a photo gallery.
The roughly 20 acre fire is contained and no one was injured.

May 22, 2009

In Memory of Sam Maloof

Celebrated woodworker Sam Maloof died Thursday night. His modern rocking chairs and other furniture adorn private collections and museums around the world. In 1996, I first photographed him in his old house that was later moved to make room for the 210 Freeway extension. I cherished every moment I photographed him, admiring a true artist. To see more photos, Click here. As you can see above, I have used Sam in my blog title for the past year. (Photos while working at the Daily Bulletin)
Click here to see even more photos of a gallery of images I shot on from January 2008.

May 17, 2009

Jeff Malet Photography Website

May 2, 2009

How many times can I go up and down

One, two, three, four, five, six and if I’m lucky all the way to 10. Up and down, up or down. The fascination with the elevator is as strong as ever as I get older.

Maybe I don’t have the desire to punch all of the buttons, go to the top, and back down, and doing that over and over. At least that is what I did when I was a kid.

Macy’s, Robinsons, Bullocks, the dentist office, and any hotel or tall building I might be in are all places I played with the elevator. I almost always hung out in one because I was bored waiting. I always waited for my mom to finish shopping, my sister to finish getting her teeth cleaned, or just I just needed to get out of the hotel room.

I came across an elevator being repaired the other day. This elevator goes back around 30 years. Looks like they have replaced certain parts I can’t name, but it was shiny and new which made me stop. I like they way there is sheen, a reflective feeling to it. The light inside the shaft gives off an orange-red glow, which adds a layer to the overall simple photo.

In the other photo to the right, I was again intrigued with the machine part of the elevator. After trying several filters through Adobe Photoshop, I settled on Find Edges, which can be found under Filter and then under Stylize. This really brought out the mechanics and subtle shades and lines that are not so visible just looking at it. Plus, it also made it artsy in a drawing old-school way.

Apr 19, 2009

A tale - Making Asian soups

A story in Inland Living Magazine earlier this year. The writer included me, a photographer, in her yarn and quest towards making wonderful Asian soups. Inland Living Magazine story and photos

Apr 18, 2009

Actress Cloris Leachman excites Ramona Bowl crowd

Actress Cloris Leachman attends Ramona Bowl Photos April 18, 2009.

Apr 17, 2009

Ramona Bowl starts April 18

Photos I took for the Ramona Bowl. It's their slide show and home page. Check out the link: Ramona Bowl

Pomona's Fox Theater

The Fox Theater in Pomona, built in 1931, has been is disrepair for many years. On Saturday night a black-tie gala and fundraiser to help Friends of Pomona Fox will provide a sneak peek into the restoration of the Pomona theater. On a break from work, I walked over there, even peaked inside, reminiscing of the time they upgraded the venue over 10 year ago to house Lucha Libre, Mexican style wrestling, which I covered for the paper I had worked for. Here are a few photos from the day before the sneak peek - "Fox First Night Sneak Preview Fundraiser"
Pomona Fox Theater photo gallery

Apr 11, 2009

My Photos

I've been working with iWeb on my Mac. Here is what I'm working on.
Jeff Malet Photography

Mar 29, 2009

Note of marriage proposal left at front door after daughter, 7, has birthday party

We celebrated our daughters birthday this Saturday. It was a festive pirate themed party. My wife did an excellent job preparing the fun. On the top of that list was a scavenger hunt. With a little research by browsing themes online, she was able to put together a cool hunt using photos. She took most of the photos from around the backyard, front yard and home.
The party had ended, we were chatting with a few parents who stuck it out for a little while, and we heard a knock on the door. I got up, checked the door, opened it to find no one there. I looked down, noticed a piece of paper lying on the doormat. I noticed some writing on it, picked it up and read the three lines. it read, "Dear Gabby, I want to mary you!" (spelled according to note)

I turned to the gang inside with a look of - oh my gosh! - written all over my face. I thought several things. One was how cute and adorable is this, but my fatherly instincts also swept through me. I thought, who is this from and my daughter is only 7 years old!
I read the note to the few who were left and we were all thinking - we know who it came from and ah!, how sweet! How neat is that, to have a mysterious boy leave our daughter a note like this with a "knock-and-run."-
As I say quite a bit, Oy!
I'm not ready! I'm not ready!
In the middle of the party, we gathered all the children in the backyard, broke them into two groups and instructed them, giving them the first piece of the hunt - a photo.
Each chest was filled with goodies for each kid. I was taking lots of pictures. All the young ones, and a few fifth and sixth graders, got right to it, seeking out the first clue. The kids in the backyard struggled with the first clue, but with a little help, they found it and breezed the rest of the way.
The other group started in the house. They were quick to find clues. I met up with them inside to capture some photos of them hunting for clues and I noticed that a young boy was still sleeping on the couch He was a nearly 2-year-old of child of one of the parents, still sleeping on the couch after his parents placed him there to finish his nap when the party started. About 10 children, rummaging for photo clues in the room could not wake the young man. He laid there, all peaceful, head rested on a pillow and hands on his chest.
The noise and rustling of children could not wake him, but a quite room, with just a couple parents left chatting in the kitchen nearby, woke him. All the children and many parents had gone outside to work on dismantling the pinata treasure chest. I assume it was that feeling that stirred him awake. One of the moms, aware of the child waking, made sure he was returned to mom and dad.

Mar 15, 2009

It has been a while since my last post, but I have good news!

I got a job!
I started February 17th.
I feel very fortunate. Lucky!
After being laid off from the newspaper industry in January I took a stab at taking a few classes at some local colleges. I started a few, stayed with one until I got a job.
I felt , in a way, my new job was a class.
I needed to learn, I'm still learning, a ton of stuff. New co-workers, new terminology, new styles and procedures.
I really enjoy my new place I work. The people are great. The atmosphere, the growth are contagious. I'm excited.

Jan 20, 2009

My Obama Coffee Cup

I was on my way to try and add a Conversational Spanish class at Crafton Hills College today knowing if I got the class I would miss Obama's inauguration. I was prepared for this by recording CNN on my DVR.
I ended up stopping by a 7-11 convenience store for a cup of coffee and noticed a display with special addition cups for sale. There were three left. I thought to myself, I should not even be buying a cup of coffee after being laid off let alone a more expensive cup for my coffee.
Turned out I bought it as you can see. It was $1.99 plus tax with the first cup included.
I did it because I have hope and I want change.
The clerk mentioned after I bought it I can refill my cup for $0.75. That's a deal. A keepsake and a discount on future coffee.
By the way, I was successful adding my Spanish class!

Jan 15, 2009

I Was Dropped Today

My writing class was drop-kicked from 70 yards and missed. When only 10 people showed up on day one I knew I shouldn't buy my books. Today the class was canceled. We needed 13 people to keep the class going. I really like the campus, so I'm looking to add a conversational Spanish class next week. In the meantime, here is a video I did before my class fell short of the posts.

Jan 14, 2009

Back to School

I went back to school today. I'm taking an English class on Tuesday and Thursday's at Crafton in the morning and a CISCO I class at SBVC Tuesday night's. My English teacher used to work for The Sun and the Orange County Register. She also teaches classes at Cal State San Bernardino. I enjoyed my first class. I met a group of students that were very friendly. We exchanged numbers and emails that will consist of us being buddies. This buddy group will be utilized to bounce stories and ideas off of.
Tuesday night I went to SBVC and was initially uncertain if the teacher would show. He made it just in time. The class was quite full with about 10 people still wanting to add. He accepted them all. Roger Powell is quite the character. He plays the bitter angry smart Alec teacher very well, getting plenty of laughs from the large class.
Here are some photos I took during a break last night.

Jan 13, 2009

Anyone know who writes the Highland Observed blog?

Jan 12, 2009

Hall Ready for Steals King

Here is a photo of Rickey Henderson I took when he was with the Angels back in August 1997. He sure was exciting to watch, even at age 39 when he was in Anaheim stealing a few bases.

Jan 10, 2009

Finished My Resume Today

I sat down this morning after Amy took our daughter to a birthday party. I sat down to finish updating my resume. After a lot of tweaks and adjustments and the help of my wife I have finished.
I also completed an application for a job. As requested by this place I'm interested in, they ask I print, sign, scan and email my application and any other pertinent information (that would mean my resume).
Between working on these items throughout the day, I spent time outside with my daughter. I also had a wonderful break tonight when she begged for my audience to sing songs and dance. This is a certain joy!

Jan 9, 2009

Day Three of Unemployment was Busy

I started my day taking my daughter Gabby to day care. A tradition to either to day care or to school. That will end soon as we gave our two week notice.
After that I took a crack at updating my resume and filling out an application for place I will try to get . Last time I did any updating like this was in August 2005 when I was looking and considering a job in Washington.
I had to go back to Crafton and register in person. Some sort of snag with me registering and adding classes online today.
I must admit, I was initially frustrated I could not get my class I wanted at Crafton. Since Crafton is linked ot SBVC, I checked their webite again tonight. Amazingly there was ONE opening for the class I wanted. Someone dropped. Was it meant to happen?
So now I'm taking a writing class at Crafton and a CISCO I class at SBVC Tuesday nights.
One of my mentors, Leo Greene, is regularly on my mind cause I wear a bracelet in his honor. He passed away from ALS in early 2008. Here is a photo that say's it all for me. it says "Never Give Up".

Jan 8, 2009

I went to register for classes today

A day after being laid off after nearly 15 years of dedicated service I made the trek to a community college in Yucaipa. I chose this college because they teach CISCO technology. Turns out to be a quaint little college in the hills of Yucaipa. Very scenic!

I waited two hours to see a class counselor. I have decided to take a writing class as well. I am also going to figure out how to take and ADD a 5:30 p.m. class on CISCO I and II on Tuesday nights. The problems is we are taking Gabby, our 1st grade daughter, out of day care since I was laid off. That means I'm taking care of her from 1:50 till her mom would get home.
My wife, her mom, gets off at Five. Not sure how to work that out. No time to think about it as classes start Monday.

Day two accounted for me hanging out at the college for a long time. I actually made a second trip their to give them my transcripts from Cal State Long Beach. I eventually got home, made dinner and Amy picked Gabby up from day care. We are taking advantage of the two weeks we needed to give them so I can pursue interests.
Gabby and I took a walk after dinner. I love my little girl so much.

I'm hoping to hear back from a career counselor Friday. She left me a voice mail while I was out today.

This is day two of unemployment. I thank all I have worked with. Thank you Rick for your compassion. Thank you Eric.

Look for day three. I assume I'll write something. It seems to help. A public journal. Who knew!

gary scott: Cuts today, more tomorrow*

gary scott: Cuts today, more tomorrow*

gary scott: Layoffs at the Daily News*, **

gary scott: Cuts at the Press-Telegram

gary scott: Cuts at the Daily Breeze*

Jan 7, 2009

Jeff is hanging out after being laid off

Just filled out unemployment online. Called some resources to help me find a new career with counseling. This past job, the company offers a resource to help with the shit that hit. Also talked with the 401k folks about rolling over into an IRA. Never thought this would be so fun. Almost made it to 15 years. I must admit the writing was on the wall. All the good talent being let go to save what's left of Media News Group and its Inland Empire newspapers. Can't wait to see how they survive.
So now I have wallowed about the unemployed Jeff and my fellow colleagues who have been let go today, I feel the pain with you.

Going to check out the local college(s) to see about switching gears to being a student. Changing those gears to a new career.

Cheers to all who wished me well!