Nov 16, 2010

Inspired by Strobist

I had the aspiration to take some more photos of my cat Clifford this weekend. He can be a pretty good model, often looking at me on queue or looking off-camera with that perfect glare. Plus, I like to practice what I read from one of my favorite blogs -- Strobist. I took out my speedlight flashes and my Nikon D300s. There are two SB-900's (Both at 1/2 power) and one older SB600 (used a bungee ball to hold white paper to bounce the flash). I used the SB-600 to trigger the other two flashes, but do have an inexpensive wireless trigger that I just didn't bring out . I moved them around a bit to get the right photo. That's what's great about digital cameras - you can chimp.

On Halloween I was also inspired by Strobist, but only had two flashes. I put one on a stand and hand-held the other. They were both pointed toward my daughter as the sun was setting. By the way, I use manual mode. I would say the one on the stand was at 1/2 power and the one in my hand was at 1/8 power. As you can see my daughter was modeling her costume, in true scary roaring fashion - as a leopard. She looks great, huh!