Apr 22, 2011

Jeff's Lunchtime stroll

I'm beginning a new project -Jeff's Lunchtime Stroll- and will be looking for a new photo to take while walking around Downtown Pomona's Antique Row and the area nearby. I work at a great graduate health professions university called WesternU, which is close by. Check out my first post of my project, which comes with a little story on Cassie's new restaurant.

Cassandra (Cassie) Edwards, originally from Mississippi, is now proud owner of Cassie's Soul Food Kitchen at 200 E. First Street, on the back north side of Antique Row in Downtown Pomona. I came across her and her newly opened restaurant after taking a walk on a break from work. She has been open for about three weeks and moved in after her son Tayari opened up Groom City Barbershop next door. Cassie moved into what used to be the Pomona Baking Company, which closed sometime in early 2010 and was a favorite of many who worked and attended Western University of Health Sciences, where I work. Cassie says they have the best banana pudding, best peach cobbler, best smothered pork chops, best fried chicken and best anything you want southern style. I tried the banana pudding and the chicken spaghetti, shown in a picture, and both were very tasty. She says she has been making the chicken spaghetti, made with a family secret sauce, for about 15 years. She offers lunch specials and dinner, with limited outside seating. Check out Cassie's Soul Food Kitchen Facebook fan page.

Mar 13, 2011

Veterinary medicine student fights to protect pets

My WesternU colleague Rodney Tanaka wrote this great story and I took a few photos of Lisa, a veterinary medicine student, and her dog Max. Lisa started an online petition in support of Molly's Bill at www.change.org. The bill would provide an exemption from the vaccination requirement that any dog whose life would be endangered due to disease or other considerations, as determined by a licensed veterinarian on an annual basis. Here is a link to the the gallery and here is a link to the story on our website . Plus the local newspaper published it, here.

Feb 6, 2011

My "monorail" cat now likes the chair

My cat is cool. Mine has this look, this "kick-back" look that I enjoy photographing. Here are a few images of Clifford hanging out on a chair - chillin'. He also likes what one of my friends tabbed as the "monorail," but not today.

Feb 5, 2011

From Highland Looking West

In January the moon was fantastic. The day before this photo, I saw the moon at an even better spot. I tried for that the next morning and it never materialized. Instead I got this shot. I guess I'm on the lookout for the shot I really wanted.