Aug 29, 2010

We came across a brown praying mantis

After hitting the ball around on the local tennis courts today, my daughter asked if we could stop at the playground for a bit. My thought was this sounds like a good idea. After all she hit tennis balls with me, I could hang with her at the playground. First thing we notice when we get there was this large brown insect on the metal railing along the pathway. It got our attention! I'm sure it saw us coming too. Gabby told me it was a brown praying mantis and that she had seen one on Friday. I thought, that's so cool she knows what this insect is. We looked at it and Gabby took a twig and lightly touched it. I had to get my cell phones camera out - of course. I have had my misses with this camera phone, often getting weird bands and wavy looking light trails in it and of course it's not very sharp, so I often get misses. I took several pictures of just the praying mantis, and then Gabby came around and looked at it. There was already a nice light on it from this direction, so I capitalized on her being a background and took a few pictures. I think I got a pretty good one too.