Jan 20, 2009

My Obama Coffee Cup

I was on my way to try and add a Conversational Spanish class at Crafton Hills College today knowing if I got the class I would miss Obama's inauguration. I was prepared for this by recording CNN on my DVR.
I ended up stopping by a 7-11 convenience store for a cup of coffee and noticed a display with special addition cups for sale. There were three left. I thought to myself, I should not even be buying a cup of coffee after being laid off let alone a more expensive cup for my coffee.
Turned out I bought it as you can see. It was $1.99 plus tax with the first cup included.
I did it because I have hope and I want change.
The clerk mentioned after I bought it I can refill my cup for $0.75. That's a deal. A keepsake and a discount on future coffee.
By the way, I was successful adding my Spanish class!

Jan 15, 2009

I Was Dropped Today

My writing class was drop-kicked from 70 yards and missed. When only 10 people showed up on day one I knew I shouldn't buy my books. Today the class was canceled. We needed 13 people to keep the class going. I really like the campus, so I'm looking to add a conversational Spanish class next week. In the meantime, here is a video I did before my class fell short of the posts.

Jan 14, 2009

Back to School

I went back to school today. I'm taking an English class on Tuesday and Thursday's at Crafton in the morning and a CISCO I class at SBVC Tuesday night's. My English teacher used to work for The Sun and the Orange County Register. She also teaches classes at Cal State San Bernardino. I enjoyed my first class. I met a group of students that were very friendly. We exchanged numbers and emails that will consist of us being buddies. This buddy group will be utilized to bounce stories and ideas off of.
Tuesday night I went to SBVC and was initially uncertain if the teacher would show. He made it just in time. The class was quite full with about 10 people still wanting to add. He accepted them all. Roger Powell is quite the character. He plays the bitter angry smart Alec teacher very well, getting plenty of laughs from the large class.
Here are some photos I took during a break last night.

Jan 12, 2009

Hall Ready for Steals King

Here is a photo of Rickey Henderson I took when he was with the Angels back in August 1997. He sure was exciting to watch, even at age 39 when he was in Anaheim stealing a few bases.

Jan 10, 2009

Finished My Resume Today

I sat down this morning after Amy took our daughter to a birthday party. I sat down to finish updating my resume. After a lot of tweaks and adjustments and the help of my wife I have finished.
I also completed an application for a job. As requested by this place I'm interested in, they ask I print, sign, scan and email my application and any other pertinent information (that would mean my resume).
Between working on these items throughout the day, I spent time outside with my daughter. I also had a wonderful break tonight when she begged for my audience to sing songs and dance. This is a certain joy!

Jan 9, 2009

Day Three of Unemployment was Busy

I started my day taking my daughter Gabby to day care. A tradition to either to day care or to school. That will end soon as we gave our two week notice.
After that I took a crack at updating my resume and filling out an application for place I will try to get . Last time I did any updating like this was in August 2005 when I was looking and considering a job in Washington.
I had to go back to Crafton and register in person. Some sort of snag with me registering and adding classes online today.
I must admit, I was initially frustrated I could not get my class I wanted at Crafton. Since Crafton is linked ot SBVC, I checked their webite again tonight. Amazingly there was ONE opening for the class I wanted. Someone dropped. Was it meant to happen?
So now I'm taking a writing class at Crafton and a CISCO I class at SBVC Tuesday nights.
One of my mentors, Leo Greene, is regularly on my mind cause I wear a bracelet in his honor. He passed away from ALS in early 2008. Here is a photo that say's it all for me. it says "Never Give Up".

Jan 8, 2009

I went to register for classes today

A day after being laid off after nearly 15 years of dedicated service I made the trek to a community college in Yucaipa. I chose this college because they teach CISCO technology. Turns out to be a quaint little college in the hills of Yucaipa. Very scenic!

I waited two hours to see a class counselor. I have decided to take a writing class as well. I am also going to figure out how to take and ADD a 5:30 p.m. class on CISCO I and II on Tuesday nights. The problems is we are taking Gabby, our 1st grade daughter, out of day care since I was laid off. That means I'm taking care of her from 1:50 till her mom would get home.
My wife, her mom, gets off at Five. Not sure how to work that out. No time to think about it as classes start Monday.

Day two accounted for me hanging out at the college for a long time. I actually made a second trip their to give them my transcripts from Cal State Long Beach. I eventually got home, made dinner and Amy picked Gabby up from day care. We are taking advantage of the two weeks we needed to give them so I can pursue interests.
Gabby and I took a walk after dinner. I love my little girl so much.

I'm hoping to hear back from a career counselor Friday. She left me a voice mail while I was out today.

This is day two of unemployment. I thank all I have worked with. Thank you Rick for your compassion. Thank you Eric.

Look for day three. I assume I'll write something. It seems to help. A public journal. Who knew!

gary scott: Cuts today, more tomorrow*

gary scott: Cuts today, more tomorrow*

gary scott: Layoffs at the Daily News*, **

gary scott: Cuts at the Press-Telegram

gary scott: Cuts at the Daily Breeze*

Jan 7, 2009

Jeff is hanging out after being laid off

Just filled out unemployment online. Called some resources to help me find a new career with counseling. This past job, the company offers a resource to help with the shit that hit. Also talked with the 401k folks about rolling over into an IRA. Never thought this would be so fun. Almost made it to 15 years. I must admit the writing was on the wall. All the good talent being let go to save what's left of Media News Group and its Inland Empire newspapers. Can't wait to see how they survive.
So now I have wallowed about the unemployed Jeff and my fellow colleagues who have been let go today, I feel the pain with you.

Going to check out the local college(s) to see about switching gears to being a student. Changing those gears to a new career.

Cheers to all who wished me well!