Jun 19, 2009

Boy, 12, admits to starting Highland fire.

Here is a story from The Sun, confirming rumors that a young boy had started a fire in East Highlands Ranch area on June 07.
Click here for story.
See my previous story to see fire photos from the day.

Jun 7, 2009

Fire Burns Mountain near East Highlands Ranch

Today was quite the scare. I kept hearing sirens and after a few more came along, my wife hollered down from the stairs as to what what going on out there. I ended up looking out the sliding glass door and easily spotted smoke billowing from beyond our backyard and in the mountains just above. We calmly got some stuff together into bags, told my wife and daughter I love them. I checked with neighbors, took a few photos and then re-checked with my family. I got my limited gear in order, because I needed to tackle my news bug and see the fire for myself, and off I went, around and up a few streets. Suddenly I was seeing the fire, smoke and neighbors. Soon I saw more fire trucks approach and fire fighting helicopters. I even went on a friends roof, being invited to check it out from their view, which was a couple blocks closer to the fire than our house.

Here are some photos and Here is a link to a photo gallery.
The roughly 20 acre fire is contained and no one was injured.