Aug 3, 2009

Photographers pin is lasting memory

Long time Little League photographer Russ Tinlsey last year gave me a pin from the 2001 Little League World Series during last year’s 2008 regional opening ceremony at San Bernardino.

It was my first and last time I would cover the event because I no longer work for the newspaper.

Before the ceremony started, while the teams from the Western Regional and the Northern Regional gathered, preparing for the flag waving entry, Mr. Tinsley, caring a camera, came near me. It was like a time when two people notice each other at the same time. We looked at each other. We smiled and I said hello.

With no further conversation he reached into his pocket and gave me a World Series pin.

He told me he wanted me to have this. I looked at it and admired the pin, still wrapped in plastic, and then looked at him and thanked him, all the time wondering how cool is this. I also wondered why me.

As he left to do other things and meet people, I looked around and noticed my colleague at the time, Al Cuizon, nearby. He looked at me with that nod of how cool and lucky are you. He said something to the fact that he would have liked to get one too.

This was a day I also brought an intern Kai Le with me. We were covering the opening ceremonies with cameras. Al was there for video and Will was there setting up his computer in one of the "rooms" so he could be ready to send photos of the first game on deadline.

The 2009 Regionals begin August 7 with championship games on August 15 and 16. For more information visit