Dec 30, 2009

Canada geese migrate south, stop in San Bernardino

I came across Canada geese making a stop in San Bernardino Wednesday, Dec. 30, on Hospitality Lane near Costco. Click here to see a gallery of images.

Dec 27, 2009

Remembering Leo Greene at the Claremont Museum of Art

In August 2006, Leo Greene was diagnosed with ALS. It is commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease and often kills the person diagnosed with the disease within five years. In late 2007, Leo and I went to he Packing House and specifically the Claremont Museum of Art as part of a video for one his many monthly columns about his journey with ALS.
Click here for link to the video.
Today, I fondly remember Leo and particularly our day at the museum. I remember the friendly folks who were at the museum that day, both accommodating us and watching us. And of course I remember the many 'takes' we did in the narrow hallway that was part of the museum. I bring all this up because the Claremont Museum of Art closed its doors today. Leo was a big fan of the museum.
See the story here in the Daily Bulletin.