Mar 15, 2009

It has been a while since my last post, but I have good news!

I got a job!
I started February 17th.
I feel very fortunate. Lucky!
After being laid off from the newspaper industry in January I took a stab at taking a few classes at some local colleges. I started a few, stayed with one until I got a job.
I felt , in a way, my new job was a class.
I needed to learn, I'm still learning, a ton of stuff. New co-workers, new terminology, new styles and procedures.
I really enjoy my new place I work. The people are great. The atmosphere, the growth are contagious. I'm excited.


Gregory Vojtko said...

Congratulations Jeff!

Very glad to see you've landed on your feet again so quickly.

The newspaper business is imploding, but news isn't becoming irrelevant, just the way it's been delivered.

Good, talented people everywhere are losing their jobs. It's not our fault, and the smart businesses out there are going to pick us up and make use of our considerable skills.

Best of luck in your new position!

Jeff Malet said...

Amen Greg.
It's hard to see all these great newspaper people lose their jobs. It has hit us especially hard in our area and it's close to home because we know them.
Thanks for the note. I know you're talented and will get back on your feet. Your rug cleaning business will take off!!