Jan 20, 2009

My Obama Coffee Cup

I was on my way to try and add a Conversational Spanish class at Crafton Hills College today knowing if I got the class I would miss Obama's inauguration. I was prepared for this by recording CNN on my DVR.
I ended up stopping by a 7-11 convenience store for a cup of coffee and noticed a display with special addition cups for sale. There were three left. I thought to myself, I should not even be buying a cup of coffee after being laid off let alone a more expensive cup for my coffee.
Turned out I bought it as you can see. It was $1.99 plus tax with the first cup included.
I did it because I have hope and I want change.
The clerk mentioned after I bought it I can refill my cup for $0.75. That's a deal. A keepsake and a discount on future coffee.
By the way, I was successful adding my Spanish class!

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