Jan 7, 2009

Jeff is hanging out after being laid off

Just filled out unemployment online. Called some resources to help me find a new career with counseling. This past job, the company offers a resource to help with the shit that hit. Also talked with the 401k folks about rolling over into an IRA. Never thought this would be so fun. Almost made it to 15 years. I must admit the writing was on the wall. All the good talent being let go to save what's left of Media News Group and its Inland Empire newspapers. Can't wait to see how they survive.
So now I have wallowed about the unemployed Jeff and my fellow colleagues who have been let go today, I feel the pain with you.

Going to check out the local college(s) to see about switching gears to being a student. Changing those gears to a new career.

Cheers to all who wished me well!


Rick said...

Hey man. Hang in there. And by the way, I love the photo.

Eric Reed said...

We will over come!!! Eric