Jan 9, 2009

Day Three of Unemployment was Busy

I started my day taking my daughter Gabby to day care. A tradition to either to day care or to school. That will end soon as we gave our two week notice.
After that I took a crack at updating my resume and filling out an application for place I will try to get . Last time I did any updating like this was in August 2005 when I was looking and considering a job in Washington.
I had to go back to Crafton and register in person. Some sort of snag with me registering and adding classes online today.
I must admit, I was initially frustrated I could not get my class I wanted at Crafton. Since Crafton is linked ot SBVC, I checked their webite again tonight. Amazingly there was ONE opening for the class I wanted. Someone dropped. Was it meant to happen?
So now I'm taking a writing class at Crafton and a CISCO I class at SBVC Tuesday nights.
One of my mentors, Leo Greene, is regularly on my mind cause I wear a bracelet in his honor. He passed away from ALS in early 2008. Here is a photo that say's it all for me. it says "Never Give Up".