Jan 8, 2009

I went to register for classes today

A day after being laid off after nearly 15 years of dedicated service I made the trek to a community college in Yucaipa. I chose this college because they teach CISCO technology. Turns out to be a quaint little college in the hills of Yucaipa. Very scenic!

I waited two hours to see a class counselor. I have decided to take a writing class as well. I am also going to figure out how to take and ADD a 5:30 p.m. class on CISCO I and II on Tuesday nights. The problems is we are taking Gabby, our 1st grade daughter, out of day care since I was laid off. That means I'm taking care of her from 1:50 till her mom would get home.
My wife, her mom, gets off at Five. Not sure how to work that out. No time to think about it as classes start Monday.

Day two accounted for me hanging out at the college for a long time. I actually made a second trip their to give them my transcripts from Cal State Long Beach. I eventually got home, made dinner and Amy picked Gabby up from day care. We are taking advantage of the two weeks we needed to give them so I can pursue interests.
Gabby and I took a walk after dinner. I love my little girl so much.

I'm hoping to hear back from a career counselor Friday. She left me a voice mail while I was out today.

This is day two of unemployment. I thank all I have worked with. Thank you Rick for your compassion. Thank you Eric.

Look for day three. I assume I'll write something. It seems to help. A public journal. Who knew!


BrettSnow said...

Hey Jeff, Brett Snow here. So incredibly sorry to hear about you and Eric. I know first hand what is going on in your world right now. And mine came a day after my daughter was born. Let me tell you going back to school and learning something new is the best thing to do. I am getting ready to start learning IT and networking in the spring as well. And that is after finishing up with EMT school and putting myself through the Fire Academy. over the past nine months since being laidoff. Smart move, this industry is dying for us photo guys, at least for several years it will be this way! Best of Luck.

bikeguy said...

Mr Mom! I love it. Good luck dude, I sure know how you feel. Let me know if I can help.